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We supplied 535 million litres of
water to our customers each day

Information initiatives

During 2013–14, we talked to thousands of our customers about the services they would like to receive from us.




Many asked for better information and advice about the range of services we provide and a number of initiatives were introduced to make improvements in this area.

We launched our new-look bill after more than a year of research with customers and contact centre agents. The new bill is designed to be clear and easy to understand and we also simplified the information leaflet sent out with it.

New services were introduced on our website, which was visited by more than 1.1 million people, a seven per cent increase on the previous year.

Initiatives included Live Chat, which enables customers to discuss their queries online with an agent.

The feature was a popular addition, with 1,754 chats in the first two months after its launch in January and 93 per cent of customers saying they would use the service again.

Digital developments

Changes were made to improve online forms as a result of customer feedback and new forms were added. A section was created for customers who receive only wastewater services from us and we refreshed our interactive postcode search feature to include exact water hardness ratings in addition to information about water supply and quality. 

Our website was moved to new servers to improve its performance and resilience, especially at times when the site is in high demand – such as during flooding or water supply incidents.

In 2013, we launched a new online annual report in the form of an interactive website, supported by a downloadable pdf. The report is designed to be open, engaging and accessible, combining all of our previous public reports in one place to provide facts and figures about Southern Water as well as details about our operational and financial performance.

We also joined Twitter during the year, opening up a new communication channel for us to share information with our customers and for them to contact us. 

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